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It is important to mention that David continues to coach everyone regardless of whether they are in the entertainment business or not! David began his Spiritial Life Coaching  practice in the year 2000 and it has only been recently that he began to coach actors and entertainers.

On the flip side, David has 40 years under his belt working behind the scenes in the entertainment industry. David has had the opportunity to learn and experience this highly demanding and stressful business first hand and from nearly every angle. Working with actors/entertainers by the likes of Yvonne de Carlo, Don Knotts, Bob Eubanks, Mercedes McCambridge, Jonathon Daly, Al Alberts and the Four Aces, Oprah,  and a host of others, David was able to access their ever changing goals, personalities, moods, personal and spiritual needs. Recently, he decided to apply his Spiritual Life Coaching skills and higher education in Metaphysics to help actors achieve spiritual satisfaction, contentment and focus to help stablize a sometimes rocky and uncertain career.

David earned his Bachelor of Metaphysics, B.Ms. (1998) from the University of Metaphysics. Currently he enrolled at the U of M and is working on his 8,500 word thesis towards his Master in Metaphysics degree, which he is scheduled to receive in late November. The University of Metaphysics is the same university where actress Della Reese (Touched by An Angel) received her doctorate and ordination. In January, David will begin writing his 10,000 word dissertation in his final step towards his PhD. At present, the University of Esoterica is the institution where David recieved his Doctor or Divinity, D.Div. (2004) which deals with the more esoteric and occult sciences, rather than the Metaphysical. Believe it or not, the U of E courses of study are extremely interesting and very helpful for David personally and for his Spiritual Life Coaching clients, if they show interest or choose one of those forms of spiritual practices and belief systems.

There is much more to Spiritual Life Coaching than one may realize. It deals with a wide range of concepts and is primarily a vehicle or form of consultation which "asks questions" of the client, rather than gives answers. David will use various thought provoking and challenging "excercizes" which he emails to his clients to help reinforce positive ideas and patterns. David knows the solution(s) to a clients issue(s) is found within themeselves. Through private and confidential telephone sessions, David merely helps them realize the solution(s) and helps his clients to act on them to achieve a positive change in their lives which removes harmful negative attitudes and thought patterns. This allows them to identify their true goals and aspirations which maximize their opportunities for success. Spiritual Life Coaching also helps establish an inner "foundation" which supports a positive belief system.

Professional actors and entertainers who David has coached in the past or is currently coaching, know the importance David places on his commitment to "privacy". Their relationship with him is guaranteed to be totaly confidential. They know that they, nor their private discussions are ever in danger of being revealed to the public. David is fully aware that their current and/or future career may depend on his "silence".

If you are an actor or entertainer, professional or just starting out in the business and are looking for Spiritaul Life Coaching from a coach who has 40 years of experience working closely with highly creative individuals in the industry, email David. Your inquiry will be kept private and confidential.

Remember friends, David continues to offer his services to everyone, NOT ONLY actors!

You may be interested in listening to David's weekly (Friday's at 12 Noon) Internet radio show, 'Spiritual Life Coaching and You' .
www.SpiritualLifeCoachingandYou.com (www.BlogTalkRadio.com/SpiritualLifeCoachingandYou) where he discusses a wide range of helpful Spiritual Life Coaching topics. 

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IMPORTANT: Please realize that David's seventeen (17) years of Pastoral Counseling and Spiritual Life Coaching, personal experience, formal training and Metaphysical degrees are far above and beyond the criteria of any "credentialing" body or organization.
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